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Silver has been a multifaceted asset throughout history. It was found as a free metal and easily worked into useful shapes and was widely used by early man. The beauty, weight and lack of corrosion made silver a store of value, and hence one of the earliest of metals to be used as a medium of exchange.


It has unique properties such as its

  • Strength
  • Malleability
  • Ductility
  • Electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Sensitivity
  • High reflectance of light
  • Reactivity.

Uses of Silver

Silver is leading a revolution in technology and medicine. Because it does not corrode, it is best electrical conductors of all metals. It is the only catalyst that wills oxides ethylene which is used for clothing and specialty fabrics, melded items like key board, electrical control knob, and domestic appliances. No any metal has silver’s combined strength, malleability, and ductility or facilitates electrical and thermal conductivity as well. Moreover, it is also used in printing circuitry, super conductors, electroplating, and photography, jewellery, silverware, coins, solar energy and water purifier.

Exporter and Importer

Mexico is the world’s leading producer of silver, followed by Peru, Canada, the United States, and Australia. The main consumer countries for silver are the United States, which is the world’s largest consumer of silver, followed by Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and India.

Influencing Factor

The main factors affecting these countries demand for silver are macro economic factors such as GDP growth, industrial production, income levels, price level and volatility and a whole host of other financial macroeconomic indicators.

Why trade silver through NDEX:

Contract size: Regular, Mini, Small and Exposure/Intra-day, Spot
Low transaction cost: Fixed spread of NPR 0.3 PER 10 Gram
Generous leverage: On all products that are clearly detailed on the trade.
Initial margin: Rs.75000 (Regular)
Hedging capability: Can take long or short position from same account
Months: March, May, July, September, Dec
Seasons: November to February

Trading time:

Daily Open Time 3:45:00 AM
Daily Close Time 2:59:59 AM


Today, silver is sought as a valuable and practical industrial commodity and as an investment. It is a brilliant grey-white metal that is soft and malleable. The explosion in the production of these various base-metal sources throughout the 20th century led to an increasing output of silver-bearing residue and ultimately, refined silver. Improvements in electro refining techniques allowing for the easy separation of silver and other base metals from refinery slimes, thus providing an increasingly important source of silver.

Silver surrounds us. And every day, from our commute to work, to our cell and smart phones, to the lighting in our workplace and homes, to our computers, silver is an important element which makes our lives more convenient and energy efficient.
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